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Assertive boys are called leaders, assertive girls are called bossy

LeanIn.Org and Girl Scouts of the USA today launched Ban Bossy, a public service campaign to encourage leadership and achievement in girls. The campaign—with educational materials, a new website, a public service announcement (PSA) and endorsements by celebrities and others—will draw attention to the ways girls and women are discouraged from leading, beginning when girls are called “bossy.” It will offer educational resources to help girls and women take the lead and give parents, teachers, troop leaders and managers hands-on strategies for supporting female leadership. The campaign is promoting the #banbossy hashtag to spread the word.

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HR Directeur populairste rol voor topvrouwen

Wereldwijd worden anno 2014 24% van de topfuncties bekleed door vrouwen. Kijken naar deze groep topvrouwen, vervult het merendeel van hen de rol van HR Director. De minst populaire positie onder vrouwen is niet geheel verwonderlijk de rol van Chief Information Officer (CIO). In het rapport ‘Women in Business’ analyseerde Grant Thornton de positive van vrouwen in de wereldwijde arbeidsmarkt. Het accountants- en adviesbureau keek ondermeer naar de opleidings-achtergrond, het aantal vrouwen in management posities en het gebruik van HR initiatieven voor meer vrouwelijke participatie in het personeelsbestand. Het onderzoek is gebaseerd op input van ruim 6.700 (senior) managers werkzaam bij mid-market bedrijven in 45 landen.

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More Than A Third Of UK Female Employees Have Faced Barriers During Their Career, While Nearly Half Of HR Directors Believe Progress Is Being Made

More than a third of women have experienced barriers to advancement during their career, finds new research1 from specialist recruiter Robert Half UK. However, a separate study2 also shows that nearly half (47%) of HR directors believe women are in fact advancing their careers on par with men in the workplace, displaying a clear mismatch in perceptions between employees and HR directors. More than four in 10 (42%) women aged between 18-34 say they have personally faced a gender barrier, followed by 34% of those aged between 35-54 and 26% of women aged 55 and over.

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Mothers leave jobs as they don’t behave like men

Do you know why middle class working mothers are leaving jobs? Because they are unwilling to behave like men, a new research shows. Mothers in professional and managerial jobs are expected to stay till late or get in early even if they have negotiated reduced working hours. They have to socialise with colleagues or clients in the evenings – even though this clashes with their childcare responsibilities, said researchers from the University of Leicester in Britain, revealing the masculine culture of the workplace.

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Women Made Jobs Gains in February

After losing jobs in January, women took the majority of the new jobs in February, gaining 99,000 jobs to men’s 76,000. Women have more than made up their losses in the recession, gaining 2.5 million jobs in the recovery, compared to 2.1 million jobs lost, while men have been struggling more, gaining 4.2 million jobs after losing 5.3 million in the downturn. It may be tempting to proclaim a trend here, especially after revisions showed that for a brief period during the credit crisis, women held more than half of all jobs. But that does not mean that women are coming out ahead. “The good news is that women are getting jobs,” said Joan Entmacher, the vice president for family economic security at the National Women’s Law Center, which crunched the gender numbers in today’s jobs report. ”The bad news is they have very low pay and bad working conditions.”

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