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10,000 Qantas jobs could go offshore despite safety fears: unions

As many as 10,000 Qantas jobs, including maintenance staff, could be sent offshore, despite fresh concerns about safety. Embattled Qantas boss Alan Joyce on Friday refused to rule out additional job losses to the 5000 recently announced if proposed changes to the Qantas Sale Act allowed the iconic airline to locate more of its business offshore. “I can’t rule anything in or out,” he told a parliamentary committee in Sydney, arguing Qantas, like its rival Virgin, should have no limit on how many jobs it can offshore. “We need for the future the same flexibility our competitor has. So if our competitor has the ability, which it does, to do all of its heavy maintenance, its call centres, everything, offshore then for Qantas to compete on a level playing field, to have the same options as that competition, it needs the same freedom.”


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